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Melania Trump Goes Green to Meet Queen Rania of Jordan

It’s been a big week for Melania Trump. After the reveal of her official White House portrait on Monday, in which she wears Dolce & Gabbana and Hermès, the First Lady’s fashion choices have drawn more attention than ever. Heads turned today in Washington, D.C., for one, where Trump greeted Queen Rania of Jordan in a form-fitting emerald dress—a simple, streamlined look that felt like a departure from the neutrals and patriotic reds she’s favored in recent months.

Stickied, as promised. Have fun!

Smokin Joe:
It is nice to see a First Lady who doesn't dress in such a way as to make me cringe.
She looks so much better in a dress than Bill Clinton would have. :nometalk:


You're right. She really can carry off green.


--- Quote from: EC on April 09, 2017, 11:30:45 am ---@CatherineofAragon

You're right. She really can carry off green.

--- End quote ---

Melania is beautiful, she can pull of just about anything.  You could put her in a brown burlap bag and she could still make it look good.


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