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character study
« on: December 27, 2016, 04:12:55 pm »
Character study...

(Not that I need a new story before finishing the others)

Cindy stared into the vanity mirror wide-eyed, still in a bit of shock to find herself abandoned a day before turning eighteen. Instead of brushing her short but thick hair, she wondered what had happened? How did her parents just vanish, seemingly into thin air? Where were they? She imagined them at a casino or on a cruise around the world, or -more hopefully- abducted by aliens.

There was little food in the cupboard and the electric bill that came the other day was pink and screamed FINAL NOTICE. What other bills didn't get paid?

Cindy was still in high school for cripes sake, there were months before graduation. How did this happen? Sure her parents were lousy people who hadn't given a crap about anyone, but this had been unexpected. How long had they planned this?

She almost jumped out of her skin when the doorbell rang. She had been spaced out for a while, late for school. Heck with it, she'd just skip today.

When she opened the front door a woman in a suit carrying a clipboard was standing there looking past Cindy into the house. "Good morning, I see everything is still there. When can I expect everything to be moved? I have people wanting to see the house."

"Who are you?" Cindy asked,

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Bernice Cromwell, the realtor... "

"Do you have their contact information? I need to call them." Cindy asked, walking onto the porch and close to the woman.

"The house sale is being handled by a law office, a Herman Galen, I don't know anything about the previous owners."

Cindy felt like just laying down and giving up. The house was already being sold out from under her, this must have been planned for months. Her parents had taken care of everything except her. As if they had forgotten they had a daughter, or maybe they wanted to forget. They had always treated her like a burden, they hadn't ever forgiven her for ending their partying and running around days by being born.

Bernice Cromwell walked back out of the house, "It's in good shape. I don't think selling this house will be a problem. Do you think you can have your things moved by tomorrow?"

My things? Cindy wondered, is any of it mine? Even my room and personal things were held against me, they even called my clothes loaners. ha.

She perked up, it was all abandoned inside the house, it could easily be my stuff now. Something in there must be valuable.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Cromwell, but I might need a little more time to sell some of that stuff. I'll try to make it as presentable as possible if you want to show the house though."

Behind a fake, forced smile the older woman laughed, "Well, I suppose if you must."

Cindy watched the woman climb into her shiny white car, parked next to the old compact rust bucket that Cindy drove to school and back. It had taken all last summer to buy that wreck, which was likely waiting for the right time to burst into flames. Meanwhile the gears in her head were turning. She would need to sell as much as she could as fast as she could.

Also, she cringed, a new place to live.

"I hate my life," She uttered as she stepped back into the house.

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Re: character study
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Thinking of  ..... 


"The Way"

They made up their minds
 And they started packing
 They left before the sun came up that day
 An exit to eternal summer slacking
 But where were they going without ever
 Knowing the way?

 They drank up the wine
 And they got to talking
 They now had more important things to say
 And when the car broke down they started walking
 Where were they going without ever
 Knowing the way?

 Anyone can see the road that they walk on
 Is paved in gold
 And it's always summer
 They'll never get cold
 They'll never get hungry
 They'll never get old and grey
 You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere
 They won't make it home
 But they really don't care
 They wanted the highway
 They're happier there today, today

 Their children woke up
 And they couldn't find them
 They left before the sun came up that day
 They just drove off and left it all behind 'em
 But where were they going without ever
 Knowing the way?



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Re: character study
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Re: character study
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Another thing a person could try is to take an old photo and wrap a story around it.

I'm not real sure what that is, though.