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I don't like the idea of starting a book like this, but here is what happens before the story really starts....

I will rewrite the beginning

--- Quote ---January 21,

“We have breaking news this evening,” the news anchor announced as the music of the opening theme ended, “Scientists are rushing to study what is said to be a rogue planet, a wandering planetary body that doesn't orbit a star. It has entered our solar system and from the chart here you can see if will cross the orbital path of Neptune before moving on its way out.”

April 18,

“More breaking news, the rogue world some are calling Nemesis has reportedly changed course for unknown reasons. Scientists are debating if this could have any natural cause,” the news anchor reported.

July 30,

“The rogue world known as Nemesis is making a beeline for Earth. Scientists and government officials say that this is the first indication that intelligent life is in control of Nemesis. Also studies of the world indicate that it has a similar electromagnetic field as Earth. By the end of the week Nemesis will have crossed the orbital path of Mars...”

September 12,

“Radio frequencies have been detected from Nemesis, while we cannot decipher them it is a sure proof that there is life on the planet that is closing in on Earth...”

September 25,

“Storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves are being reported all over the planet as Nemesis shines as big as the moon in our morning skies. The world has reacted in shock to the loss of the moon which was thrown out of Earths orbit by the interference of Nemesis' gravity....”

“Long-term, the loss of the moon could mean a pronounced wobble to the Earth instead of a slight tilt, in centuries Earth could be inhospitable to life as we known it...”

September 27,

“Nemesis has taken up a leading orbit of Earth, meaning it is circling on the same orbital path but is a million miles in front of us...”

September 30,

“Reports of meteor showers over east Asian nations is being reported...”

“Large black sphere's have landed all over the place here in Seoul and over in Tokyo, as you can see this one has crashed into an apartment building.... police are trying to cordon off the crowds that have gathered... Are you seeing this James? The sphere has opened, and.... oh my God, some kind of monster has emerged and it has torn a police officer in half...!”

“The black sphere's have now been reported falling over China and India and seems to be moving with the spin of the Earth... we have news that Russia is preparing to explode a nuclear bomb in orbit to try and....”

“Europe and the US is now preparing to duplicate the success of the Russians in killing the monsters before the spheres fall...”

October 1,

“NASA is now reporting that many large objects have launched from the surface of Nemesis. The armed forces are presuming this to be the second wave of an invasion...”
--- End quote ---

prologue to another unfinished story


--- Quote ---
Tahm, the dwarf, ignored the screams and the dying soldiers along the high wall facing down into the mass of the demon army. There was no time to worry. "Keep firing!"

Even enchanted walls could not hold up against so many Han warriors. The first wall would be breached, they would be forced to move to a fall-back position. The second wall was not as big or as strong as the first.

Soldiers around him continued to launch bolt after bolt into the enemy mass from their lightening crystals. If only there were flame sticks to be had on this side of the war.

The Han army was moving aside, something large was seething through through them. Tahm jumped up and peered down.

"Oh crap." A soldier screamed. Tahm had the same first thought watching the dragon move smoothly and quickly up to the main doors of the city.

"It's a dragon!" Someone yelled.

"Well, why the hell not?" Tahm told himself, cursing fat Isaac for the intelligence failure, "Of course a demon army would bring dragons."

What other surprises would the Pai send?
--- End quote ---

We should have a space station around Mars by now...

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