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Frank Sinatra's California Rat Pack home for sale


ABC7 KABC Los Angeles
November 3, 2016

--- Quote ---Cancel any upcoming flights to the moon, because living in Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack home is a great reason to stay on Earth.

Named "Villa Maggio," Sinatra's hideaway from Hollywood is on the market for $3.9 million. The Palm Desert, California home was a spot where Sinatra and fellow Rat Pack members Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop would hang out and get some R&R from their fans in a private location.
--- End quote ---
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Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack Vacation Home!


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Frank Cannon:
The furnishings are God awful. It might be cool if it had its original mid-century feel to it, but it looks just terrible now.


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