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The Three Big Reasons That Recreational Pot Will Be Legalized November 7th.

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Reason #1 -  Money
Reason #2 -  Mo' Money.
Reason #3 -  Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money.

The gummint has been gaping at all of the billions in cash that the drug cartels are raking in and thinking "MY GOD!! We could be raking in all of that cash!!"

Once the Eightball Obama administration set the tone for the nation to start considering laws and rules to be merely advice it was all over. No federal law or international treaty against legalizing schedule 1 narcotics would stop the avaricious 'Crat swine who run California's government from reaching out and taking all of that money.

No admonitions from scientific experts (God, how I hate that term) that it is IMPOSSIBLE to set a "safe blood level for THC metabolites" because it is not like alcohol, but is a PSYCHOTROPIC substance with unpredictable effects that vary wildly from person-to-person, because of an almost inconceivably complex synergy of interactions between various brain centers when THC hits the neurons.

The gummint hears that argument and respond, " Well, yeah - more innocent people will die in pot-related auto-accidents, but LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY WE COULD BE RAKING IN FROM LEGALIZING POT!!!" They then set an absolutely capricious, scientifically meaningless, wholly and completely arbitrary standard for "acceptable THC blood level", add it to the DMV code and forget about it. End of discussion.

The gummint hears scientific experts testify that the L-Dopamine pathways of pre-adolescents can be permanently altered (damaged) by pot use. Other experts testified that pre adolescent and young teen use of pot will ABSOLUTELY GO UP SIGNIFICANTLY if pot is legalized for recreational use. And they respond, "Well, yeah! Countless thousands of young people will become abusers and their minds will be damaged permanently from making recreational pot legal, but LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY WE COULD BE RAKING IN BY LEGALIZING POT!!!" So the politicians pat themselves on the backs for having "studies" done, toss them in the dumpsters labeled "needing further study" and move on without taking any action whatsoever based on those studies. End of discussion.

That is one of the areas where leftists and NWO RINO greenhead types come together. When there is a lot of money to be harvested from the "little people" NOTHING will get in the way of extracting it and depositing it in the pockets of the gummint. NOTHING!!! If people have to die and be permanently brain damaged, so be it.

That is why God may withdraw His benevolent protection from the United States of America. We are collectively turning our backs on reason and becoming more like animals every day. We obey our feelings and instincts instead of our higher nature. Soon we will mostly be a population of animals who wear clothing and use spoken language and little more.

Convenience and Fun will replace Mutual Respect and Wisdom as the central pillars of our culture. And so we will likely suffer the fate of Tolkien's mythical Westernesse - be utterly destroyed by our own hand. 

What better way to control people then keep them high or drunk.


--- Quote from: driftdiver on November 03, 2016, 02:44:49 pm ---What better way to control people then keep them high or drunk.

--- End quote ---

The Chinese found that out the hard way with the Opium Dens.


Well that OP certainly cheered up my day.


--- Quote from: driftdiver on November 03, 2016, 02:44:49 pm ---What better way to control people then keep them high or drunk.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that is the trend for sure - away from government administrating the best interests of the People with informed, responsible leadership and moving instead toward government controlling the People.

If Hill-O-Lies is elected, that movement will go into overdrive utilizing the high technology now available to make the German SS and the Soviet KGB's techniques for spying on and oppressing the People look like amateurs.


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