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Gwen Stefani closes Irvine Meadows, Orange County first big venue


Kelli Skye Fadroski
Orange County Register
October 31, 2016

--- Quote --- Gwen Stefani took the Irvine Meadows stage Sunday night as the concert venue's final performer, 26 years after her band, No Doubt, first played there as an opening act for reggae artist Ziggy Marley.

"Can you imagine? Tonight is one of the most special nights for all of us," she said. "We, together, will be closing down Irvine Meadows. This is it, right here ... I'm so honored to be from Orange County, and I'm so honored to be with you here tonight to celebrate music. Let's have some fun tonight. Do you want to?"

And with that, Orange County's first large-scale concert venue began its swan song. The 16,000-capacity amphitheater, which opened in 1981, will be razed soon to make way for the second phase of the Irvine Co.'s Los Olivos apartment community. The amphitheater, which opened in 1981, sits on land leased by the Irvine Co., with the last of those leases expiring this year.
--- End quote ---
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