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To Anti-Trumpsters (a Burma Shave Poem)

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You can warble and croon
A Broadway Show tune
You can twirl in a circle
And bark at the moon
You can call darkness light
Or swear wrong is right
You can walk a tight wire
With your hair set on fire
You can curse like the Devil
Or be cool, on the level!
You don't need to explain
If you don't swat a fly
You can gladly refrain
You don't need to say why
There's nothing at stake
If the leaves don't get raked
Forget someone's name?
Nobody will blame!
There's much room for error
It's your cross - you're the bearer
Do what you like
Lightening won't strike
You know what you know
It's still on with the show!
Do what you like
Take a cruise, take a hike
Take a vacation from making good sense
Spit in the eye of Micheal R. Pence
Fall off the wagon and take a long drink
Don't need to care what others will think
Do anything that scratches your itch
But know a vote not to Trump
Is a vote for the Bitch.
Burma Shave.


If a vote not for Trump
is a vote for the bitch
you have only yourselves to blame
you dug your own ditch

Ask us not for our help
you are all on your own
we left you and your party
the consequences you've sown.

We warned and we pleaded
our votes it was said, not needed
so go your own way we bid you goodbye
and left you and your party to writhe and die

We really do not care
as this contest is set
liberty we esteem
Trump, the greater threat

For Hildabeast we know
Alinsky she often tugs
but the threats of death
come from Trump's thugs

Sad that the p-word is blocked but the b-word is not

Funny, I see Democrats claiming someone not voting for Hillary is de facto voting for Trump.

So if I didn't vote for Trump, I'm voting for Hillary.
And if I didn't vote for Hillary, I'm voting for Trump.

So I am the most powerful voter alive, my vote legally counts as two votes. Woo hoo.

Now back to reality. Seeing someone resort to a false dichotomy argument is actually a textbook sign of manipulation and/or propaganda. It usually means they don't have a better case to make so they have to resort to trying to manipulate or threaten.

If someone tries to sell you something using that manipulation technique, that's a good sign to walk away from what they are selling.


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