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Angry words over unanswered questions on California tunnels


Tensions over unanswered questions on how California’s largest water district might help pay for two proposed giant water tunnels boiled over into cursing at a meeting of the water district’s board members.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration is pushing to get financing and regulatory approval squared away for the $15.7 billion water tunnels. The 35-mile-long tunnels would divert water from Northern California’s Sacramento River before it reaches the San Francisco Bay, delivering the water to Central and Southern California cities and farms.

Current state proposals call for local water districts to pay for the tunnels, likely through customer rate hikes or other increased fees.

Metropolitan Water District, a wholesaler providing water to Los Angeles and 25 other cities, counties and water districts, stands to bear one of the larger shares of the cost if its board ultimately commits to the tunnels.


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