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Earnings seasons is in full swing. As is usual, this may create some changes in my portfolio. I'm always looking for new investment ideas to research, so I figured I might start a thread for TBR members to share potential investments.

I'm most excited about Ocwen (OCN) right now. I spotted this one at $1.53. Looks like they might go over $2.00 tomorrow given their earnings release today.

I also bought General Dynamics (GD) recently. Although a lot of defense stocks are waaay up recently, I figure that Obama has been gutting the military. GD has not enjoyed the same kind of ride as, say, Lockheed Martin or Raytheon, so I'm hoping it is a late bloomer.

Some other stocks I'm currently holding:

TREE - I recently decreased my position significantly here after taking some profits. The action on this stock is crazy. I'm not sure where earnings will take this stock, so my position is modest now. Either way, I've locked in some profits here.

KPTI and QURE - Two biotechs. I split the amount I would normally invest in a single stock between these two. Biotech can be risky, but - fundamentally - I think one of these will pan out. KPTI announced some promising findings today which gave me a nice 4.21% return for the day.

DOW - I've been holding this one for a while and it's been paying off. Good price action, plus dividends. I'll continue to hold until I have to make a decision on which spinoff I have to buy from the mega-merger with DuPont.

IRBT - I was very pleased with their earnings call. I simply had to have a robotics play in my portfolio, and IRBT has filled the void. (We personally own a Roomba 980 and love it, too.) Robotics is barely scratching the surface of its potential right now as an industry, so finding the right play here will be tricky. It could be Apple or Alphabet that ends up owning the market. We'll see.

ENS - I'm waiting for the graphene battery breakthrough. I doubt Enersys will be the company to pull it off, but we are a power hungry society. Power storage has a place in my portfolio and the sub-1 PEG ratio has kept me in this stock for a little while. I may sell soon. We'll see.

CTRL - One of my losers. I'm down here but can't bring myself to sell this stock. Home automation WILL be a "thing" in the future. Every sci-fi movie has houses that are voice controlled and intelligent. Moreover, at this price, I'm thinking *someone* has to buy this company. Good PEG ratio, hardly any debt, and a high short percentage for a potential squeeze. They really need some solid management to get their margins in order. (Oh - and the company that should buy them is IRBT!)

DDD - Another one of my losers. 3D printing is an amazing technology, though. Right now, my kids and I are 3D printing a full-sized BB8 as a summer project. Someday, this technology may represent something straight out of Neil Stephenson's "The Diamond Age." Regardless, I've gotten killed on this stock. Lots of shake-up with management recently, though. Short interest has recently declined on 3D stocks. Maybe the only direction for this stock is up, now.

ZNGA - This is not a stock I'd usually own. I don't really like many of the numbers that come with this stock. Still, I've made money with it, albeit not a lot. So why did I buy it? Primarily because it is sitting on $857MM in cash and no debt. It has to do *something* with that money, right? I'm taking a chance. I wouldn't recommend anyone else get into this one unless you are confident with your investment. I'd put a hard trailing stop on this one because God knows...

Silver - Physical silver. It's up nearly 30% from where I bought it, so it's doing my whole portfolio good. Is it peaking? Well, as a hedge, silver is a good bet. It has more industrial uses than gold. It's helped my portfolio on many a day when everything else is down. Not sure I will keep changing my position on this one. Price is volatile, but it's more of an insurance policy than anything else.

What about you? Do you have any companies I should look at?

Uh... disclaimer: do not trade in stocks without doing your own research. The post above is not meant as investment advice. Trade at your own risk. Yadda yadda yadda.

25 reads and not one pick? C'mon investors - it's a tough market to pick winners given the fact that the Dow is up over 18k. Everything looks overbought. What do you think is not?

Free Vulcan:
I don't like being in the markets for more than 2 or 3 hours, but then that's the game with options.


--- Quote from: Free Vulcan on July 28, 2016, 10:15:17 AM ---I don't like being in the markets for more than 2 or 3 hours, but then that's the game with options.

--- End quote ---

I've been messing around with TVIX on a very short term basis lately with some good success but would not recommend this to anyone who doesn't know EXACTLY what he is doing.


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