Author Topic: German Authorities Already Downplaying Islamist Terror Attack at Train Station Near Munich  (Read 506 times)

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German Authorities Already Downplaying Islamist Terror Attack at Train Station Near Munich

By Aaron Goldstein on 5.10.16 | 9:57AM

Well, it sure didn't take long for German authorities to go into full spin mode. As per The Daily Beast:

    Terrorism fears stalked Europe again Tuesday morning after a man was killed and three more were injured in a pre-dawn knife attack at a rural German train station—by a barefoot man who officials initially believed had “an apparent Islamist motive.”

    However, although the man reportedly uttered “Allahu akbar” as he launched his bloody attack, it was later established that the 27-year old perpetrator had drug and psychiatric issues, and a spokesman for Bavaria state's interior ministry said that "so far we have no evidence for an Islamist motive".

In other words, if a man shouts "Allahu Akbar!!!" and proceeds to stab people he does not have an Islamist motive. Well, I guess German authorities figured that it worked for the Obama Administration at Fort Hood so why not try it themselves?

The fact the assailant may have had a history of psychiatric and substance abuse problems does not preclude the possibility he was still motivated by Islamist ideology. To be prepared to take the life of as many people as possible is surely an indication of a disturbed mind. Drugs can often contribute to such a disturbance.

Given the efforts of German authorities to suppress the massive attacks by gangs of Muslim men against women during New Year's celebrations in Cologne and other cities I think I can be forgiven for greeting the claim that they have "no evidence for an Islamist motive" with a truckful of salt.

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