Author Topic: Small Towns, Local Impact  (Read 3568 times)

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Small Towns, Local Impact
« on: February 25, 2016, 11:59:20 pm »
Do you wonder if there is news you can cover because your town is small?  Keep your ears and eyes open.

This just happened in our small town and I even used to go to church with the bakery owner. I also have many friends who know the gay couple in question.

This is already being written on today so the question when a story like this comes up is, how do you make it unique?

I'm looking at this from 2 different angles. 1, I'm going to ask David for a story about how the bullying impacted his business. 2. I'm working with my local Libertarian party chair who wants to have a sit-down between all parties and try to do something different and reconcile differences before this turns into a circus like what has happened in other towns.

There always is a story.