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I bet you are wondering what this is. The GOPBR Media Room is the beginning of something new, GOPBR exclusive reporting and opportunities for key members to become part of the media. Don't just share stories others have written but get in the action covering events yourself. This kick off topic will provide instructions, hints, education, and discussion on this new, exciting project. 

To kick this off I'm going to start posting educational material and topics such as writing, getting into events, photography, etc.


A question I'm sure I'll be asked, who can say they are a reporter? What are the guidelines?  It really isn't a complicated answer if you are in the United States (but especially so in this day of alternate media).

The First Amendment protects all citizen's voices and according to the US Supreme Court (reinforcing what the Constitution says), the government can't restrict definitions of who is the media. All citizens have the right to speak about events they view or give their opinion on topics (with rare exceptions such as being under a non-disclosure agreement or speaking on behalf of another entity).

There is a difference though in being a recognized reporter or media professional (even freelance) and just average Joe citizen talking about something. That generally is simply an association with a group or outlet who publishes what you write.

That's where the GOPBR Media may come into play.

This is great!

I look forward to reading your advice/information.

As much as I'd like to help, I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere.


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