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Baboon raid temporarily forced Zimbabwe radio station off air

A radio station in Zimbabwe was temporarily forced off the air after a group of baboons raided a transmission tower and chewed through cables, a state daily reported Thursday.

The Chronicle newspaper said the newly-launched YA FM went down during the breakfast show on Wednesday, sending technicians into an emergency search to identify the problem.

“We initially thought it was the on-going load-shedding (power outage) programme ... but we later realised the lights were on,” the paper quoted YA FM chief executive Munyaradzi Hwengwere as saying.

“We ... discovered that our transmission tower which is in a mountainous place had been preyed on by baboons. I am told there were more than five of them that ate into the cables.”

The station was back on air after an hour, $1,200 poorer from the loss of advertising revenue during the disruption.

Nunchuk-wielding shampoo thief charged in bus-based sword attack

A Seattle woman fresh from jail after a nunchuk attack is now accused of chasing a stranger off a King County Metro bus – with a sword.

Facing her third assault-related charge of the year, Sharnika Joy Armstead is accused of dashing after a man who jostled her aboard a downtown bus. Armstead, a recently homeless West Seattle resident, is accused of waving a sheathed short sword at the object of her ire.

Armstead, 26, had been released from King County Jail six weeks before the Sept. 14 incident. She served a 74-day stint after bashing a two men with nunchuks during a shampoo theft from a North Seattle supermarket.

Charged Tuesday in the bus incident, Armstead is also accused of brutally beating another woman at a Belltown women’s shelter on Aug. 19. Prosecutors claim Armstead, in a “vicious and unprovoked assault,” punched the other woman repeatedly in the head to steal her makeup bag.

Armstead’s current spate of legal troubles began May 18, when she beat up two men at a Grocery Outlet store in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood.

Armed with homemade nunchuks, Armstead attacked the store owner after she was caught stealing a bottle of shampoo from the discount grocery. Armstead bit a store employee during the fight.

Armstead was arrested at the scene and ultimately sentenced to three months in jail for the assaults. She was released July 31.

She is alleged to have seriously hurt another woman at Angeline’s Center for Homeless Women two weeks later. According to charging papers, Armstead punched the woman repeatedly in the face while stealing her makeup bag.

Armstead remained free until Sept. 14, when she is alleged to have accosted a man on a Metro Transit D Line bus.

She just made every ninja fanatic who grew up to be a sub-editor VERY happy.  :laugh:

Hey, at least she's not carrying a gun!


Reality is stranger than fiction... **nononono*  just look at the absurd reality of Obama elected president, makes a deal to give Iran nuclear weapons, and his opposition party instead of stopping him, drafted legislation to help him subvert the constitution's treaty provision!  :thud:

Woman runs red light and almost causes crash, begins dancing on roof of car she nearly collided with

After almost colliding with a black saloon in the middle of a busy intersection, a woman in Guangdong for reasons unknown got off her scooter and began dancing on top of the car she very nearly crashed into.

According to Chinaso, at around 7 a.m. this morning eyewitnesses reported seeing a woman running a red light at a busy junction in Meizhou city, Guangdong province. After almost colliding with the car, everyone expected the driver to emerge and begin yelling at the woman, but instead the car remained stationary in the middle of the road.

Seemingly incensed by the fact that the driver refused to reveal himself, the woman dismounted her scooter, got on top of the car and started dancing, much to the disbelief of everyone in the vicinity.

This scene apparently went on for some time, causing a large traffic jam around the intersection. Only once police had been called did the woman finally call it a day and get off the car.

After the black saloon had driven away, the woman then decided to lie down in the middle of the road, oblivious to all the cars passing through the busy junction. After a further 10 minutes police arrived and moved the woman along.



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