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Feb. 28: This Day in U.S. Military History in the 1700s


1610 – The Virginia Company takes further steps to instituting absolutist rule when it appoints Thomas West, Lord Delaware, as the first lord-governor and captain-general of the Virginia colony. The broad political and military powers granted to Lord Delaware reflect the growing English concern with placing the colony on a sound footing in terms of both political and economic organization.

1704 – Indians attacked Deerfield, Mass., killing 40 and kidnapping 100. 1708 – A slave revolt in Newton, Long Island, NY, left 11 dead.

1786 – In answer to the November 30, 1785 demand of John Adams, the British respond that they will not vacate their American military garrisons along the northwest frontier—including Detroit, Michilimackinac, Niagra, and Oswego—until the Americans carry out the provisions of the Treaty of Paris with regard to the treatment of Loyalists and the collection of debts.


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