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by TONY LEE  10 Oct 2014, 5:41 AM PDT

On Thursday, President Barack Obama said it would be "suicide" for Republicans if they do not pass comprehensive amnesty legislation, and he accused the Tea Party, concerned about border security and American workers, of ginning up "virulently anti-immigrant sentiment."

President Obama also praised "smart Republicans," favored by the bipartisan political elite, for pushing for comprehensive amnesty legislation.

Speaking at Cross Campus, a technology hub in the "Silicon Beach" region of Los Angeles, Obama said he will not wait for Republicans to pass amnesty legislation. He suggested he would enact executive actions to grant the high-tech companies more guest-worker permits, in addition to giving temporary amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Obama then said that if Republicans "were thinking long-term politically, it is suicide for them not to" pass comprehensive amnesty legislation that would lower the wages of American workers and massively increase immigration levels. Obama stated that "the demographics of the country are such that America would lose an entire generation of immigrants who are saying, 'That party does not seem to care much about me and my life.'"

"I think the smarter Republicans understand this," Obama said. He also said Republicans have a short-term problem "with the Tea Party and others who often times express virulently anti-immigrant sentiment." He did admit, however, that the public became more opposed to illegal immigration, and the "politics" of immigration got "tougher," after a flood of illegal immigrant juveniles from Central America flooded across the border this summer.

The President stated, "Two or three weeks of publicity, I think, fanned concern about that situation." Breitbart Texas published leaked photos of illegal immigrants being warehoused in detention centers, after which the mainstream media covered the illegal immigration crisis.

He said he was "confident," though, that "Congress is going to see the light" and pass comprehensive amnesty legislation in the next two years "because the logic of it is too compelling." Obama said one of the biggest advantages America has over the world is that we are a "younger population" that is able to grow faster because of immigration.

Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum released a comprehensive report this year that concluded it would actually be "suicide" for the GOP to enact massive amnesty legislation that would turn off working-class American voters and bring in more people who will likely be dependent on government and become Democrats. Schlafly said, "Republicans are fools to support any form of amnesty." 

And since when did you begin to care if your enemies commit 'suicide'?    You are so FOS!  :whistle:

Then why don't you do it now if you are so worried Ebola? No you will wait till right before the Thanksgiving or your 3 week Christmas vacation.


--- Quote from: DCPatriot on October 10, 2014, 01:22:22 pm ---And since when did you begin to care if your enemies commit 'suicide'?    You are so FOS!  :whistle:

--- End quote ---

You say that, but Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are furiously taking notes.

Translation: Please republicans! Commit suicide by passing an amnesty bill!


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