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Army Eats: What Does Your Country Feed Their Soldiers?

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Army Eats: What Does Your Country Feed Their Soldiers?

Around the world there are millions of soldiers, and all of them need to eat. Some are currently in a conflict, others are in training and some are just waiting. When in the field, the standard meal is an MRE, or “Meal, Ready-to-Eat.” Typically, these ready made meals come with a small instant heat pack to warm the contents of the foods provided.

Redditor itsrattlesnake created a photo series of the MREs from a number of countries and each one has its own unique taste. The French have their pate, the Italians have their biscotti, and the Estonians have their liver sausage. Check out the contents of each of these 11 countries arranged below, and be glad you don’t have to be in the field.

Above: France
Contents: Cassoulet with duck confit, Deer pâté, creole-style pork, crème chocolate pudding, coffee, flavored drink powder, muesli, caramel candy.


That Creole pork is actually really nice. One of the rare cases of this stuff tasting of something.

The Estonian one looks intriguing.

No S.O.S?

I always had plenty to eat in the US Army, because I could obtain "ham and lima beans" without having to trade anything.

MCI for Meals, Combined, Individual was the era.

Here is a little clue that nobody knows. We used to get instant(powdered) coffee in the MREs and save it. Anyone who didn't want the coffee gave it to me.
We had no access to heat to boil water. So, when we go on patrol we would pour the coffee in our gums, like snuff. And it was good, good, good.
Haven't done it since, but now that I think about it, I kind of miss it.


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