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Of True Scotsmen and Real Conservatives

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Luis Gonzalez:
Of True Scotsmen and Real Conservatives
By Luis Gonzalez
The Last Wire

A joke.

--- Quote ---A man was standing off the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, obviously about to jump.

A passer-by notices the jumper and quickly decides to try and talk him down off the ledge, so he tries talking to the jumper.

"Sir, are you an American?" to which the jumper answers "yes."

“Where are you from?” – asks the Good Samaritan. “I am from Louisiana”, responds the distraught man.

“Great! What an incredible coincidence! I am from the South as well!” – says the Good Samaritan.

The passer-by continues to engage the jumper.

"What is your political affiliation, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent?"

The jumper looks back over his shoulder and answers "I am a Republican."

"Me too, that’s amazing!” – the Good Samaritan continues, as he slowly moves closer to the jumper. “What kind of Republican are you: Conservative, small “l” libertarian, paleoconservative,  Krystolian neoconservative, or Country Club Republican?"

The jumper seems to be more engaged in the conversation at this point, visibly relaxing and responds: “I am a Conservative.”

The Good Samaritan gets excited . He is now within arm’s reach of the would-be jumper.

"Me too! Is this a small world or what?”

The would-be jumper smiles and sits on the handrail, the tension visibly leaving his shoulders.

The Good Samaritan finally reaches the man, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Whatever it is, we can sort this out” – he tells the jumper.

“Are you a Social Conservative, or a Fiscal Conservative?" – asks the Good Samaritan, continuing to  engage the jumper as he sits beside him on the handrail..

The man on the edge, now obviously more relaxed answers "Social Conservative" as a smile creeps across his face.

Now, the Good Samaritan with the jumper’s shoulder firmly in his grasp says "Me too! What kind of Social Conservative. Are you a Christian Right, or a Compassionate Conservative?"

The guy on the bridge says: "Compassionate Conservative", and with that the Good Samaritan, becoming very angry, screams: "Die liberal!" and pushes him off the bridge.
--- End quote ---

OK... maybe not so much a joke as possibly the core reason why Democrats will continue to win elections and mold the nation's future for years to come. The right has no greater enemy than the right.


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Good stuff, Luis.  goopo

If one cites Reagan's 11th Commandment these days, some "true conservative" will swat you down, claiming the commandment did not apply to these circumstances, etc.

Luis Gonzalez:

--- Quote from: truth_seeker on June 10, 2014, 02:13:15 PM ---If one cites Reagan's 11th Commandment these days, some "true conservative" will swat you down, claiming the commandment did not apply to these circumstances, etc.

--- End quote ---

A friend of mine from my old FR says read this article and commented on the core issue of it which is inclusion vs exclusion as a political tool.

It's evident that the right has an exclusionary approach to Party politics; a disagreement on one or two issues immediately kicks the exclusionary, political shunning process into high gear for the candidate (or person) with whom you disagree with.

The left uses an inclusionary approach, which is albeit nearly as incomprehensible as the right's... if you agree on just one or two issues, you're in! That's how two seemingly incompatible voting blocks with wildly opposite agendas (trade unions and immigrants) end up in the left's big tent.

If you want to win elections, you cannot be exclusionary.


--- Quote from: Luis Gonzalez on June 10, 2014, 06:30:54 PM ---f you want to win elections, you cannot be exclusionary.

--- End quote ---

On the other hand, if you want to accomplish anything, you do have to exclude those who would fight you on everything. The trick here is to figure out which people to include and which to exclude. It's a fine line, and to know how to walk it, you have to be very certain of that which you must do, and that which is merely desirable.
Setting priorities is a skill that many people have not learned.


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