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Obama's Common Core Math. Eight Plus Four Plus One is Less Than Five Plus One
By Luis Gonzalez
The Last Wire

Eight (not six) dead soldiers because of Bowe Bergdahl.

Michele Malkin reporting.

On the morning of July 4th, 2009, the soldier recalled, “we assaulted several objectives looking for PFC Bergdahl…We executed the mission without incident, and were waiting to be exfiltrated. Our aircraft were in sight when they turned and flew in the opposite direction. At the time we did not know why, but we were stranded. The enemy took advantage of PFC Bergdahl’s capture and attacked numerous outposts that morning.”

“Combat Outpost Zerok was almost overrun, multiple soldiers were wounded and PFCs Justin Casillas and Aaron Fairbairn lost their lives fighting that day,” the soldier told me. (I wrote about their deaths in my July 8, 2009 column, not knowing they were related to the Bergdahl mess.) My source continued: “We learned later that our exfiltration aircraft were diverted to support COP Zerok, and that the situation there was so dire that at one point there were two Apache gunships on station that went winchester, meaning they expended all ordinance and ammunition, but they would not abandon the soldiers still fighting so they resorted to low level unarmed passes to distract the enemy. PFC Bergdahl’s actions undoubtedly caused these events. We spent the remainder of Independence Day walking in the desert…waiting for aircraft that did not come for many, many hours.”

He added that PFCs Casillas and Fairbairn were part of his “sister battalion, 3rd Battalion 509th Infantry (Airborne). That is an Independence Day I will never forget for sure. It is certain that enemy forces took full advantage of our vulnerabilities caused by DUSTWUN recovery operations. Combat Outpost Zerok was just one of several small outposts attacked that day while 4-25(A) was spread very thin searching for PFC Bergdahl. There is no doubt his actions led to these coordinated attacks, and without his desertion PFCs Casillas and Fairbairn would not have given their lives that day.”

The soldier continued: “A few days later we (FTF) conducted a daylight raid on some tents looking for PFC Bergdahl. We took heavy small arms and RPG fire on approach and ran off the CH-47s in contact. Our entire element engaged the enemy, who turned out to be a Taliban shadow governor and his bodyguards…Multiple people died that day…All of this happened because PFC Bergdahl got tired of playing soldier.

The remainder of that deployment was focused on recovery efforts. Countless members of the brigade were wounded and we lost good friends, among them PFC Matthew Martinek and 2LT Darryn Andrews. I have no doubt these great men would be alive if PFC Bergdahl did not leave.”

In addition to 2LT Andrews and PFCs Casillas, Fairbairn, and Martinek, PFC Morris Walker and Staff Sergeants Clayton Bowen, Kurt Curtiss, and Michael Murphrey died as a result of Bergdahl’s abandonment. That’s eight dead American soldiers (not six as the rest of the media has reported) betrayed by selfish Bergdahl and reckless President Obama.

Plus four Americans abandoned and left to die.

Plus one decorated American soldier languishing in a Mexican prison for the crime of making a wrong turn, who could possible be released if our President and his staff could find enough time during a break in the negotiations with terrorists to place a call to the Mexican President.

Is less than five Taliban terrorists.

Plus one Deserter/possible traitor.

Obama’s math:

Five Taliban terrorists and one American deserter who is ashamed of the United States> twelve dead Americans plus one forgotten American soldier in a Mexican jail .

The Obama administration, the very same administration that couldn't bother to send anyone to Benghazi to rescue four Americans, and can't pick up a phone to make a call to Mexico to get our soldier released, just spent years negotiating a "swap" where we released five Taliban commanders back to their home fields, and we received a traitor (possibly a terrorist) in return.

In light of everything that we know about Obama, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

And that’s the last wire for Sunday, June 3rd, 2014.

What was news before this moment, is now history.
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