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Donald Sterling Swims With the Fishes


I tell you it's a veritable shark eating frenzy....

Ha! Ha! Ha! Another fine video! I switched to CNN three times today, and each time, they were talking about this. They obsess over one man, while Jesse and Al are making big bucks off it. We need a 'hate whitey' video, rap and all.

Three of the richest Black people on the planet, who are only and entirely that way because of White people, want to decry how horrible the society that made them rich is.
Classic victim mindset. If there is nothing we can ever do or say or think that will ever be enough for these people, then why do we try to do anything at all?
If they want 'equality' (which we know they don't, they want 'special' equality) then they should trade places with me and live rent check to rent check while working 50+ hours a week. THEN THESE GUYS WOULD BE TRUELY 'EQUAL'!


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