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Krauthammer: No More 2016 Hopes for Jeb Bush After 'Bizarre' 'Act of Love' Remarks



 on Breitbart TV 7 Apr 2014

On Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to remarks from former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) about illegal immigration being an “act of love” in come circumstances.

“If he was feeling any optimism before that interview, I think it has gone away after the interview," Krauthammer said. "And I don’t think it’s a matter of fire in the belly and will he be tough enough and mean enough on the Democrats. I mean, that statement he made about illegal immigrants being an act of love, is kind of bizarre. I grant him the complete sincerity and honesty of his view. And he’s always had that kind of approach, but that’s leading with your chin. After all, I mean there are millions of people around the world equally compassionate about the future of their children who are waiting patiently and legally in line and who love their children no less and yet they are supposed to be this special compassion for those who jump the fence and break the law."

Secondly, there's a question if it were just one person and your opinion about it or one family who jumped the fence, it wouldn't be a national issue, but it's 11 million, and then it becomes a national issue, an issue of sovereignty and the president has to make a statement that an elementary principle of sovereignty is we control who comes into the country,” he continued. “I believe in immigration but I believe that we set the parameters, the criteria for who gets in. And not to say blithely, ‘Well you know, there are a lot of people want to get in and that should be a good thing.’ If we're ever going to have a solution to the immigration problem, and I believe in legalization, it will only happen when a Republican stands up and says, ‘Yes, we will legalize but we're not going to get swindled like Reagan in '86 with a promise of closing the borders.’ You close the border, you prevent the compassionate parents who want to better the lives of their children, but will jump the fence and maybe you legalize the 11 million who are here.”

His "love' comments were indeed bizarre.   Hopefully, he will not enter the fray.  However, the neocons will do anything to take back the foreign policy issues that the GOP has apparently left.

I gotta give him credit for coming out with this right up front.  He must be thinking about running and decided to throw this out to see how it would play.  At least, he is honest about where he stands - unlike many other politicians today.

Jeb Bush would never be my pick anyway, even before saying this, so it doesn't affect my opinion one way or the other.  But it sounds like he might be going to run and I dread that.  The big money certainly wants him. 

You could tell, when listening to the audio, that Jeb Bush literally struggled before he mouthed the words, "Act of Love".

Pure politician.....


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