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Nine Senate Republicans Join Democrats to Pass Budget Deal

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Formerly Once-Ler:

--- Quote from: sinkspur on December 19, 2013, 12:28:41 am ---Where is the link to the "misleading style of accounting and talking points"?

Most (if not all) of the Republicans in the Senate voted against the budget bill because of the cut in Veterans' Pensions, not because of "misleading styles of accounting and talking points."

--- End quote ---

I heard Ryan's budget also pays for underage abortions, free needle exchanges, clothing vouchers for transexuals, and amnesties 49 million illegals.

Some of the GOP Senators could look past the cut in vet pensions but they have spines of linguini and were scared of the right wing.  But 9 proud patriots listened to their constituents and said America will not default on my watch.

Not on the watch of my used to be Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson.  The RINOs only needed 5 votes so this is for show folks.

Johnson knows he can not afford to be associated with the Tea Party anymore and expect to be re-elected in purple Wisconsin.  He thinks with his brain and that is why he is fully awesome.


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