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Obama White House Calls GOP a "Cult Worthy of Jonestown"

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--- Quote from: Fishrrman on December 19, 2013, 02:38:19 am ---[[ For these people, when the going gets difficult they become even MORE thuggish. ]]

Actually, Michael Barone warned about this, in an opinion piece written 'way back in 2008, entitled "The Coming Obama Thugocracy":

--- End quote ---


John Podesta is a Clintonite goombah who is being brought in SPECIFICALLY to test the limits of executive orders.

He has a potty mouth, an angry disposition, and will soon draw his red lines.

He's not a likable person, so the GOP should hammer the hell out of him.  There'll be more remarks like this out of his despicable mouth.

Formerly Once-Ler:

--- Quote from: mystery-ak on December 18, 2013, 05:15:19 pm ---

Every Republican in Washington, DC, should read this article on Podesta's power grab, and those Republicans contemplating working with Democrats on immigration reform should read it twice.
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Oh No!  Podesta called us a cult!  He's so mean.  This does change everything!  We can't let the rats get away with calling us vile and nasty things.  Before you know it other rats beside Podesta will be saying bad things that indicate they don't like us too.

--- Quote ---Whatever legislation you write with Democrats, and Obama signs into "law," will not be worth the paper it is printed on. Obama's new counselor believes Republicans are evil and therefore Obama ought to be empowered to do whatever he wants no matter what the law says.

--- End quote ---

So then there is no harm in passing new law.  Obama's gonna do what Obama's gonna do.  He already ignores enforcing the laws he doesn't like and if he wants new laws he just reaches into his alphabet bag and pulls out new regulations from the EPA, NSA, OSHA, FDA, HSA, EEOC...

Obama makes up new rules for Obamacare at the drop of the hat.  He already doesn't need Congress.  What can Podesta do that Obma can't do already?

It doesn't matter what Podesta says.  It's nothing new.  "Cult" is a refreshing change of pace from the usual gun-toting Jesus preaching racist/fascist/sexist/homophobe tripe. 


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