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A Democratic Member of Congress Just Labeled Tea Party Republicans as ‘Domestic Enemies’

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Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) branded Tea Party members of Congress as “domestic enemies” during an appearance on MSNBC Saturday morning.

“Really, you got to think — we take an oath to support the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Cohen said. “These are the domestic enemies.”

The comments were aimed at Tea Party members of Congress who voted against the debt deal that raised the U.S.’ borrowing limit and reopened government.

“They think they are somehow umm… like… it was all talked in military terms. They think they are some kind of guerrillas there to strike a blow for freedom,” he said.

“I think they may try to pull this off again,” he added.

Cohen credited Nancy Pelosi and a handful of “reasonable Republicans” for doing the right thing and voting for legislation that raised the debt ceiling and reopened government.

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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The mention of Nancy Pelosi is all I needed to hear.  Didn't even have to read the article.

If the Democrats keep talking like that, they may find that they do have domestic enemies.

Atomic Cow:
This is all part of the strategy to ensure most people don't care when the TP is officially labeled a terrorist group and mass arrests begin.


--- Quote ---A Democratic Member of Congress Just Labeled Tea Party Republicans as ‘Domestic Enemies’ 
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Just like King George labeled the Founders.   :smokin:


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