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Palin, Hannity: GOP Establishment Too Often Embraces 'Far-Left Agenda'



 by Tony Lee 15 Oct 2013

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted the Republican establishment for vilifying conservatives trying to keep their promises to constituents. The two reluctantly suggested that formation of a third party may be the only way to allow the voices of Americans who feel disenfranchised by the two-party system to be heard.

Palin appearied on Hannity's radio show on Tuesday. On Monday, Hannity said that it may be time for a conservative third party, if the GOP continues to push fights down the road on vital matters like Obamacare.

For her part, Palin has called Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) leaders of a party of "good guys" in Congress.

Hannity said he was "furious" with Republicans. He complained that it was irritating that conservatives actually trying to fulfill their promises to voters to fight Obamacare and for limited government "have somehow become the bad guys in all of this."
"Maybe there needs to be a third party," Hannity said again.

Palin told Hannity to "keep thinking along those lines" and mentioned that Hannity, like her husband and her closest friends and family, is not even a registered Republican.

Palin said people close to her are not registered Republicans because "they have seen how the machine works" and would rather vote for conservative, common-sense independent candidates and make decisions not based on what some "establishment" tells them. She added that, if the Republican Party leaves them, "we will have nowhere to go but a third party."

Palin said that what the establishment in the party is doing right now is: "they are joining too often in that far-left agenda to kind of break our spirit and wear us down and try to make us helpless so that only government can be the answer, so that our politicians can be trusted to make decisions that are 'wiser' than we as individuals and businessmen and women can make for ourselves."

Hannity noted that pushing the fight against Obamacare down the road proves, "there is no difference between... the two parties at this point" and said, "this is one of those bold-color difference moments that Reagan talked about."

Palin emphasized that conservatives can't capitulate and "cave and wave the white flag," because "we have to show them the voice of the people is wise and strong."

"And maybe what it takes is getting out of that political machine that is called the GOP," Palin said.

Echoing Hannity's remarks, Palin also said that establishment Republicans want to fight on a "smaller hilltop" when the "mountain in front of us is financial catastrophe." Palin said Obamacare has "much to do with" the country's dire financial straits, and she said conservatives opposed to Obamacare are fighting against tyranny and for more control over healthcare.


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