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Egyptian Islamists Kill Two Christians For Refusing To Pay Sharia Tax On Non-Muslims



Egyptian Islamists Kill Two Christians For Refusing To Pay Sharia Tax On Non-Muslims…

With Morsi gone and the Muslim Brotherhood in tatters all they have left is persecuting innocent Christians.

    (AINA) — Two Coptic Christians government employees were shot dead yesterday for refusing to pay Jizya, the Muslim poll tax on Christians. Emad Damian, 50, and his cousin Medhat Damian, 37, from the village of Sahel Selim in Assuit Province, were contacted two days before their murder by the leader of a Muslim gang, who was identified by Watany Coptic Newspaper as Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed Khalajah, a registered criminal from the village.

    Accoring to Emad’s brother Dr. Samy Damian, Emad was contacted about 9:30 PM by a member of the gang, who demanded 10,000 Egyptian pounds so that he could buy weapons. “My brother said that he had no problems with anyone, does not require services from anyone, and does not have the money.”

    In an interview on Al Nahar TV Channel on September 12, Ahmed Fawzi, secretary for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said the two murdered Copts, who were members of his political party, reported the matter to the police in Sahel Selim and asked for police protection, but the police did nothing.

    “A couple of days later the gang surprised the two Copts by going to their home in the morning and showering them with bullets, leaving both dead,” Fawzi said. “The police know who the killers are but are doing nothing to arrest them.”

    The districts of Sahel Selim and Ghanayem are the most unsafe areas in Assuit and their police stations were heavily shelled by the Muslim Brotherhood on August 14.

How stunningly cruel and barbaric!   8888crybaby

May there souls find the peace they were denied here on earth...

Coming to a town near you by way of prezzy trayvon.


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