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Indiana attorney general probing privacy breach of ‘Obamaphone’ users



--- Quote ---The Indiana attorney general’s office confirmed Monday it is investigating a security breach in which Social Security numbers and other personal information were posted online for roughly 44,000 low-income Americans who applied for a federal program that provides discount Internet and phone service.

The program was nicknamed the “Obamaphone” during the 2012 election, though it actually started long before President Obama took office. Indiana reportedly has the highest number of applicants, roughly 17,400, who were signed up by TerraCom Inc. and the affiliated YourTel America Inc.

Applicants from at least 26 states were exposed to the security breach, according to a report published by Scripps Howard News Service.

In addition to the application forms, 127,000 supporting documents such as scans or photos of food-stamp cards, driver’s licenses, tax records, pay stubs and parole letters also were available online.

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