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by JOHN NOLTE  20 May 2013, 5:52 AM PDT

In the hopes of manufacturing a self-fulfilling prophecy, the media have spent weeks coordinating an industry-wide conspiracy in which everyone in media asks the same question again and again and again and again: "Will Benghazi backfire on the GOP if Republicans overreact?"

To aid and abet this industry-wide conspiracy, the media have gotten together to extrapolate and hold up for ridicule anyone associated with the GOP who have used the "I" or "W" words -- Impeachment or Watergate.

On top of all this, while the political right have correctly pointed out that the White House lied about the administration's involvement in the shaping of the CIA talking points, the media have tried to protect the president by lying about the administration's lying. Or, by downplaying the fact that the 94 emails prove the White House lied.

The media agenda here is quite obvious: In order to protect the president, the media want the ongoing questions and hearings around Libya to backfire on the GOP. This way the investigation will die and the drip-drip-drip that is almost certain to hurt Obama, and the media's 2016 presidential standard-bearer, Hillary Clinton, will cease.

Unfortunately for the media, though, this sinister plot is just not working. In a just-released CNN poll, 59% of the American people say that they believe the GOP have acted appropriately with respect to Libya. In fact, the GOP's actions surrounding Libya poll 4 points higher than their actions surrounding the IRS, which came in at 54%.

If that isn’t enough media fail for you, Americans vigorously disagree with a media that spent eight months pretending Benghazi didn't matter. A full 55% believe Benghazi (and the IRS) matter and "are very important to the nation."

Worse still (if you are a member of the White House's Media-Water Carrying Brigade), 59% of Americans rightly believe that the White House could have prevented the Libya attacks. That is an 11% increase since November.

This is the media's second-worst nightmare realized (the first would have been for this to happen prior to the 2012 election). The media have lost control of the Benghazi Narrative, and this is the second poll in as many days that proves that.

The GOP can now safely thumb their noses at the corrupt media, and with the will of the people at their backs, go about the righteous business of finding the full truth about Libya and making that truth public.

P.S. I want a tick-tock of the president's whereabouts and actions while Americans were under attack in Libya. I want all transcripts of any communications between the White House and CIA prior to the release of the talking points. And I want a transcript of this meeting where the talking points were "drastically pared down."

This most likely means that a whole lot of people who voted for Obama are having second thoughts.

I hope they start to realize that they sold America down the river with their ill-informed, blind-follower vote for Obama in November.

It won't help the mess we're in thanks to their willful ignorance, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately the college crowd and the poor who pay absolutely no attention to what is going on in the world have no clue what he is doing and don't seem to care.  The Bill O'Reilly man on street Friday night was disheartening, the older generation know and are ticked off, the other group were clueless and didn't even know what "a" Benghazi is.


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