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Thrown Under the (Jihadi) Bus: Political Cowardice Derails Career of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley



 Thrown Under the (Jihadi) Bus: Political Cowardice Derails Career of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley (May. 2, 2013)

Video at link - Allen West Next Generation TV

Did the U.S. Military chose to make an example of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley after a letter signed by 57 Muslim, Arab and South Asian organizations was sent to John Brennan criticizing government agencies for "anti-Muslim" bias? Col. West speaks with Lt. Col. Dooley's attorney, Richard Thompson, who argues that his client is being treated unfairly, and in a manner that undermines national security.

Tune in to hear the full story........ everyone here needs to listen to this interview....... Dooley did nothing wrong and was thrown under the bus on rumor and inuendo........


What, the army brass crush an officer's career as a matter of political expedience? Say it ain't so.

I wonder how WW2 would have gone if the Nazis got to determine US training material.

offensive and peculiar
LTC. this is why I (though my record was spotless) did not do well in the Army. Were I anywhere within that circle of officers, I would stand up and call those generals what they are ... treasonous. I held both officers and NCOs accountable, though I was never rude or disrespectful. I knew 2 Sgt. Majors, 2 LTCs, 1 1st Sgt, 1 Sgt.1st class and one SSgt who were actually soldiers. That was in 4 years of service. That is why I left the service as an e-4 2 years before you entered.

Were I currently serving I would not hold my peace concerning what these spineless jellyfish generals have done. They ARE TRAITORS TO AMERICA! I do not say that in defense of the LTC. It is simply a fact.

 PM Connors
It has become obvious, that the MB is not merely exercising influence, but that this organizaton and its many branches have real colleagues in the leadership of this nation. We are not only viewing the collapse of American civil society, but are seeing the purging and the diminution of American leadership as well and broadly.

So what's with today's generals? Is it job security? Is it the overload of toxic ideology finding footholds in military ranks? I have had a hopeful but clearly naive belief that at least our military leadership would stand for this country and finally say no to the policies and orders that are coming around. Bless you, sir for your service.

Those generals are cowards - its Obama who is committing the treason.

What happened to NDU's leadership? Why wasn't Maj Gen Martin, USA, President of NDU also disciplined? If NDU approved of what LTC Dooley, USA, was teaching, why is he the scapegoat not his seniors in the chain of command? This smells badly of politics and a willingness to burn loyal soldiers at the stake in order to appease a collage of foreign powers who are also afraid to identify radical sects of Islam as a threat.

In the past there have been jihadi uprising in Islam. These were always brutally put down and things stayed quiet for a time. If we don't ruthlessly take out these fanatics, if we don't demand that other governments and the main body of Islam condemn them for their actions, we're only encouraging them to continue their carnage. This is stupid beyond belief

Every time I think I've heard the worst this government has done, something else comes along to top it. I simply cannot believe the idiocy!! We are losing our best people, their expertise, their knowledge, their voices, their dedication,their patriotism, because of the PC police??? Now we are to put our troops in harm's way without adequate instruction on how to identify the enemy??? Meanwhile, that enemy has become bolder, attacking our embassies, attacking citizens here at home in the Boston Marathon. Well, I'm offended by the roving eyes of the Secret Service men guarding 0bama and his family!! It's insulting, the way they peruse the crowd, staring, and as a woman (and therefore a protected minority) I claim the right to redress for being offended. I think they should be made to wear blinders!! Anyway, 0bama doesn't need protection from nut-jobs, they are all on HIS side!

Why isn't congress holding hearings on this?  Where is McCain and Graham on this???  Much more critical than IMMIGRATION REFORM!


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