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[1] Exclusive — Michael Yon: ‘Our Government’ Funds ‘Weaponized Migration’ Aimed at America, Europe

[2] Feds seize 10,167 doses of counterfeit meds in El Paso

[3] House Republicans delay border security bills due to infighting

[4] ‘We aren’t asking for permission’: Gov. Abbott defends use of concertina wire along El Paso border

[5] Biden Claims Republicans Want to Slash Border Funding, Real Answer Is Buried on Page 496 of WH Budge

[6] Florida Senate Bill Would Criminalize ‘Knowingly and Willfully’ Transporting Undocumented

[7] Migrant smugglers growing bolder on New Mexico roads

[8] Texas Border Town Cops Find Migrants Stuffed in Suitcases

[9] What is the Border Patrol Chief Trying to Tell Us? A coded cry for help


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