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[1] U.S. Border Patrol Seizes Nearly 6 Tons And $18M Worth Of Meth Hidden In Squash Shipment

[2] Pope blasts Texas AG Paxton's suit to shut down migrant-aiding Catholic charity

[3] Disturbing Documents Reveal D.C. Migrant Voting Scheme

[4] 100 years ago, the US took a break from immigration — and America thrived

[5] Mass Illegal Migration Makes Us Sicker, Not Stronger

[6] Mexican national temporarily breaches Texas Air Force Base

[7] Tucker Carlson: “The people who run our country are destroying it, and they're doing it on purpose

[8] States Seeking to Curb Illegal Immigration Can Start by Curbing Access to Professional Licenses

[9] U.S. Customs Begins Tracking Criminal Activity by Venezuelan Tren de Aragua Gang


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