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[1] Another Red State Sends Troops To Southern Border

[2] As support services get to work, Albany County, New York City discuss next steps in migrant relocati

[3] In Reynosa, Mexico, 15,000 Haitian Immigrants Wait For New Chaotic Biden Policy To Kick In

[4] Some residents say Chicago hotel housing migrants has caused problems in the community

[5] Something’s Screwy with Immigration Court Border Cases

[6] Dozens of bags found containing human remains in Mexico

[7] DHS Alert: suspected terrorist on southwest border poses ‘imminent’ national security threat to U.S.

[8] Weekly U.S.-Mexico Border Update: Migration lull ends, lines at ports of entry, Arizona Border Patro

[9] More than 20,000 new migrant students have enrolled in Miami-Dade County schools


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