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[1] 11 noncitizens (Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras) with lengthy immigration & criminal records arrested in

[2] Another heartbreaking border tragedy.

[3] Biden’s D-3 Amnesty Pulls 100,000+ Illegal Migrants into College Jobs

[4] Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Imports One Migrant for Every Three U.S. Births

[5] Biden Border Invasion: Hordes of Military-Age Men March Like Soldiers Into California in Midnight In

[6] A hundred illegals have made Boston’s Logan International Airport their home

[7] Explosive Undercover Footage Reveals Biden’s State Department Official Admitting ‘Great Replacement

[8] “Biden Is Completely Wrong on Mass Amnesty Plan” – Spanish Immigrant and US Attorney Maria Herrera o

[9] 'What can we do about it?': Fox Nation special sounds the alarm over the CCP's infiltration into US


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