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[1] US suspends, reduces vehicle processing along southern border at select Texas and Arizona ports of e

[2] Our Open Border Has Increased Congenital Syphilis By Nearly 1000 Percent

[3] Ireland, Mass Immigration and the Threat to America

[4] Soros-Tied Facebook Censorship Board Considers Suppressing Anti-Immigration Speech

[5] Tucson Sector Goes into Blackout Mode in Face of Migrant Tsunami

[6] ‘I Am Hopeful – that Congress Will Do It” – DHS Secretary Mayorkas Lays Out Amnesty Plan for 12-30 M

[7] Texas Gov Abbott says state will continue to send migrants to sanctuary cities until Biden acts on b

[8] San Diego Airport Overrun as Over 300 Migrants Move in

[9] Mayorkas: There Are ’12 Million People’ in U.S. Illegally Who Contribute ‘So Fundamentally to Our Co


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