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[1] BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: Eight Heinous Illegal Immigrant Crimes ABC/CBS/NBC Are Hiding

[2] Mexican national temporarily breaches Texas Air Force Base

[3] Rep. D'Esposito to Newsmax: Migrants Sucking up Americans' Resources

[4] The ‘quicker fix’ to the border crisis is to start detaining migrants; Art Del Cueto

[5] Illegal from Pakistan Describes How Easy it was to Cross Biden’s Open Border (VIDEO)

[6] Immigration Congressional Grade Cards

[7] Murderer from Colombia Released Into U.S. by ICE After Crossing Border Illegally

[8] Ice had hold on illegal who posed as Uber driver who kidnapped and raped woman

[9] THIS WEEK IN ‘MIGRANT CRIME’: Child Killers, Gun Runners, & FAKE Robbers.


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