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[1] BREAKING: Trump Appoints Head of Immigration Team… Illegals, Liberals HORRIFIED

[2] Few Students At LA High Schools With Anti-Trump Walkouts Speak English As A Primary Language

[3] Under Trump California Medi-Cal Forced to End Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens

[4] President Trump Can Turn Off California’s Illegal Alien Magnet

[5] Post-Election Border Patrol Surge in South Texas Hopes to Contain Record New Arrivals

[6] 3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS Under Investigation For Voting…After Obama Told Them It Was Ok

[7] Illegals demand Obama issue mass pardons, last-ditch effort to stop Trump deportations

[8] Trump-Hating Savages Beat Cops, Vandalize & Shut Down Highways

[9] How far will Trump's illegal immigration plans go?


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