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[1] A FEW GET FILTHY RICH FROM IT - Refugee Resettlement: The lucrative business of serving immigrants

[2] EXCLUSIVE: Los Zetas Cartel Gunmen Crossed into Texas — Disappeared into U.S.

[3] Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes: 'We're Still Planning to Take in Syrian Refugees into United States'

[4] VIDEO: Paris Massacre: A Product of Muslim Ghettos

[5] VIDEO: Anti-white agenda pushed on white countries by global governments

[6] Hutchinson Opposes Syrian Refugees In Arkansas After Paris Attacks

[7] Deportation Numbers Unwrapped. Raw Statistics Reveal the Real Story of ICE Enforcement in Decline

[8] Two back to back stories on the issue of immigration

[9] Illegal Immigrant, Deported 3 Times, Charged With Running Over Police Officer


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