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[1] Report: ICE Agents Told Not to Arrest, Deport Illegal Alien Sex Offenders

[2] Over 40,000 Mostly-Unvaccinated Migrants Released By Biden Skip Out On ICE Appointments

[3] Kim Reynolds suggests unvaccinated immigrants are contributing to rising COVID-19 cases

[4] California expands state healthcare to undocumented residents 50 and up

[5] Texas police learn COVID-positive illegal immigrants sent to local hotels, after Whataburger encount

[6] Ninth Circuit limits feds' confiscation of cellphones, laptops at points of entry: report

[7] EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Drone Follows Migrants Across U.S. Border River to Texas

[8] Biden Spending $3 Million Per Day to Not Build Border Wall

[9] Stop the Presses: Biden Administration to Partially Enforce the Law at the Border


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