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[1] Biden admin let 2,000 'vulnerable' migrants into U.S., will allow 250 more per day, says ACLU

[2] Border Patrol Agents Stop 4 Human Smuggling Tries In 4 Traffic Stops

[3] Sects Use Religious Visas for Unholy Activities in U.S.

[4] Border Patrol arrests two more convicted child sex offenders as part of migrant wave

[5] Photos Show Deplorable Conditions of Stash Houses near Border in Texas

[6] Half-Cortex and other left wing fanatics front for gang bangers, fight their deportation?

[7] Masses of Venezuelan Migrants Arrive at the Southern Border

[8] More than 40,000 ‘Got-Aways’ at the Border in April

[9] Arizona Voters to Consider In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens in 2022


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