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[1] Here it Comes — The Trashing of CO2 removal technology…. BY THE LEFT!

[2] Report: Government spent $17 trillion on pandemic recovery programs that HARM the environment

[3] U.N. Rejects Its Own Data to Claim ‘Climate Change’ Threatens Mass Starvation in Madagascar, Mainst

[4] Journal Gazette Story on Pending Coffee Collapse Is Long on Alarm but Short on Facts: Coffee Produc

[5] Australian’s brace for “Coldest-Ever July Temperatures” as Polar Front brings Snow to Sub-Tropical

[6] Oregon ballot initiative would end animal agriculture, hunting, fishing

[7] With disasters mounting by the day, the U.S. may finally enact real climate policy

[8] The HadCRUT4 Global Temperature Dataset Now Unveils A Cooling Trend For The Last 7.5 Years

[9] Six Facts the Left Doesn't Want You To Know About Global Warming


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