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[1] Will the Green Deal destroy the EU's destiny?

[2] Santa Ana winds and power line failures found to be behind autumn and winter fires in Southern Cali

[3] “Snowstorm in Africa!” — South Africa Smashes *an additional* 19 All-Time Low Temperature Records o

[4] Net Zero by 2050 is dead in the water. So what’s plan B?

[5] How China’s Communist Party Is Stoking Climate Alarmism At Elite Colleges

[6] Climate v. Climate Alarm

[7] Dr Willie Soon Predicts Global Cooling, Slams Politicised Science

[8] New Study Finds East And West Antarctica Have Profoundly Cooled By -2.8°C And -1.68°C Since 1979

[9] German Wind Power Consumption Plummets 20% In First Half 2021… Coal Power Consumption Jumps 38%!


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