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[1] UN official at WEF: ‘We own the science & we think that the world should know it’ so ‘we partnered w

[2] How Much Driving Range Does an EV Lose in the Cold and During Winter?

[3] Bloomberg and NewsBusters Show ESG Is Neither Virtuous Nor Profitable

[4] Renewables and the Great Texas Blackout: Baker Institute Study Tip-toes to Key Causality

[5] Jacinda Ardern calls for a Global Ministry of Truth to stop disinformation “weapon”

[6] Greta Thunberg replaced by a puppet

[7] NOAA official to Lemon: No, "climate change" is not responsible for Hurricane Ian

[8] WaPo Omits Data To Claim Summers Are ‘…Hotter, Longer And More Dangerous’

[9] Colder, Wetter Than Normal September Pushes German Gas Consumption


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