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[1] Ford Recalls Mustang Because 'Steering Wheel May Turn Unintentionally'

[2] Facebook to build data center in Wyoming that will use 10x times more electricity than Cheyenne.

[3] Almost 50% of American EV Owners Want to Go Back to Gas-Powered Cars

[4] The Mysterious 'Ecocide' Collapse of Easter Island Never Really Happened

[5] Oldest wine ever discovered in liquid form found in untouched Roman tomb

[6] The Miserable End of Darwinian Evolution

[7] A $1 bill worth thousands may be hiding in your wallet—here’s what to look for

[8] So much for “peer review” — Wiley shuts down 19 science journals and retracts 11,000 gobbledygook pa

[9] THE WHY FILES: Best Channel on YouTube


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