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[1] School replaces Veteran’s Day assembly with ‘Peace Assembly’

[2] Cardona: We’ll Pull Money over Campus Antisemitism, Islamophobia, But It’s Not First Move, ‘Want to

[3] US universities including Cornell, Harvard and MIT raked in $13B in ‘undocumented contributions’ fro

[4] Vegan ‘Godfather of Animal Rights’ Promotes Sex With Animals

[5] Left-Wing School Board President Goes Full Farrakhan, Says Jews Ran the Slave Trade

[6] Congenital syphilis jumped tenfold over the last decade

[7] Insurance Industry Execs ‘Alarmed’ by Surge in Deaths Among Young People — But Stop Short of Blaming

[8] New study on red meat pops the Vegan bubble.

[9] Hydroxychloroquine Associated With Lower COVID-19 Mortality: Study


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