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[1] White House sends SOS to insurers

[2] White House Spokesman Sparks Outrage Over Comments About Cancer Patient

[3] Obama in 2009: We Will Call Out Those Who Lie About Obamacare Katie Pavlich

[4] Bullyboy White House aide sparks outrage by 'smearing' terminal cancer patient who dared speak out against Obamacare

[5] 'You're cancelled!' Twitter under fire for taking down photo feed of people who've lost health insurance since Obamacare

[6] Audit reveals half of people enrolled in Ill. Medicaid program not eligible

[7] CBS News: White House Granted Itself Waiver To Launch Obamacare Website ‘Deemed As High Security Risk’

[8] CNN: ObamaCare “war room” worried about reaction when some enrollees figure out they can’t keep their doctors

[9] CNN: Aren’t Republicans vulnerable on ObamaCare for, er, opposing the debacle all along?


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