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[1] Obama’s cousin, who is also a doctor, puts Obamacare on blast: “Not a word of it is true…”

[2] It Begins… St. Louis Woman’s Personal Information Stolen From O-Care Website (Video)

[3] Seniors lose insurance and doctors under Obamacare

[4] Rep. Young on Obamacare: 'This is What Betrayal Looks Like'

[5] Calls Begin For Obama’s Impeachment & Removal Over Serial Fraud & Corruption

[6] Washington D.C. Spends $133,573,928 to Enroll Five People in Obamacare Exchanges

[7] Rocky Start For North Carolina Health Care Exchanges

[8] A Woman May Die Because of ObamaCare

[9] NBC's David Gregory: Media Never Would Have Let Bush ‘Recover’ from Saying ‘I’m Sorry'


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