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[1] EXCLUSIVE: ‘Seriously Depressing Place’ — Trump’s Top Allies, VP Contenders Describe Sights & Sounds

[2] Congress wants report on judge's role in weaponizing courts against Trump

[3] BYRON YORK: The Trump trial suffers a nervous breakdown

[4] ‘THIS IS A BOMB’: CNN Panel Admits Michael Cohen’s Shocking Admission CRUSHES Alvin Bragg

[5] Mark Levin Reveals Alvin Bragg Could Be DISBARRED After Recent Misstep

[6] Judge Merchan EXPOSED For Stunning Ties To Kamala Harris

[7] The Trump trial and 2016 election truthers By Byron York

[8] Where the Trump trial stands ..By Byron York

[9] JUST IN: Fani Willis Is Now Facing Another Investigation


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