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[1] LIVE THREAD 2: Trump probe: law enforcement don’t expect arraignment until next week, virtual option

[2] EXCLUSIVE: 'He was afraid Melania would dump him.' Donald Trump paid off Stormy to prevent his wife

[3] LIVE THREAD>>Trump Says He’ll Be Arrested Tuesday as DA Eyes Charges

[4] Donald Trump wants his '74 million' supporters to sign a petition railing against his potential arre

[5] Van Jones on Possible Trump Indictments: DA Bragg Should ‘Wait for Georgia to Go First’

[6] Trump lawyer: If he’s indicted ‘this is an all-out war’

[7] Manhattan DA issues scathing response to GOP letter on possible Trump indictment: 'We will not be in

[8] Trump-Manhattan DA case: Bob Costello testifies to grand jury, says Michael Cohen is a 'serial liar'

[9] No handcuffs: Ex-prosecutor says Secret Service, NYPD could arrange polite Trump surrender


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