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[1] Royal Happenings

[2] Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s Husband And Duke Of Edinburgh, Dies At 99

[3] "Go Back To England" - Prince Harry Elicits Backlash After Criticizing "Bonkers" First Amendment

[4] Israel's deadly deception: IDF TRICKED Hamas into believing a ground invasion was underway... then o

[5] Israeli strike kills 10 in Gaza as violence spreads to West Bank

[6] Israeli Strike In Gaza Destroys Building That Housed AP, Other Media

[7] Rashida Tlaib Calls for BDS, Compares Israel to Apartheid While Under Attack by Palestinian Terroris

[8] Dutch agree to subsidise Rotterdam carbon capture project with €2bn

[9] Israel Sends Ground Troops into Gaza; Netanyahu: ‘This Operation Will Continue as Long as Necessary’


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