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[1] Rep. Greg Murphy Says He Has ‘Some Evidence’ Biden Was ‘Jacked Up’ on Drugs For His Bizarre State of

[2] Priceless Video: Did Anyone Noticed Lauren Boebert’s Reaction During Yelling Match For The History B

[3] SNL Couldn’t Create a Skit Like This – Rep. Greene Mocks Rep. Crockett’s Fake Eyelashes and All Hell

[4] House passes GOP bill to undo Biden’s weapons freeze to Israel

[5] House Judiciary votes to hold Garland in contempt

[6] House staffers organize anti-Israel protest at US Capitol and urge attendees to cover faces

[7] Mitt Romney knocks Biden for ‘enormous error’ in not pardoning Trump

[8] House Dems who waved Ukraine flags hit with ethics complaint

[9] Recent Court Case Could Force Biden To Release Audio From Hur Interview


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