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[1] The Insiders: For Democrats, dark days ahead

[2] Zogby Report Card: Obama needs support, not GOP mockery, on health care 'fix'

[3] Brit Hume on Democrats breaking ranks with Obama: “This is as bad a political disaster as I’ve ever seen”

[4] Charlie Rangel Blasts Obama: ‘Saying You’re Sorry Doesn’t Help Me Worth a Damn at the Polls’

[5] Dem leader: ‘Democrats will not revolt’

[6] Senate won't bring Upton fix to floor

[7] 39 Democrats Break With Obama to Pass Upton 'Fix'

[8] Obama to meet insurers on Friday over health-care law fix: White House official

[9] $174K-Per-Year Congressmen Will Get Special Obamacare Subsidy


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