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[1] Schumer unloads on GOP over elections bill: 'How despicable of a man is Donald Trump?'

[2] Report: Biden Set to Announce July 4 Vaccine Fail

[3] Senate Republicans Likely to Kill Federal Election Takeover Legislation

[4] Schumer: Manchin is a yes on advancing For the People Act but it's not enough to overcome filibuster

[5] Dem Sen. Blumenthal: Filibuster, Which Dems Have Used ‘a Number of Times,’ Is ‘Abhorrent’

[6] Poll: Non-White People Support Voter ID More than White People

[7] Harris to preside over Senate for voting rights debate

[8] Senate panel plans July briefing on war authorization repeal

[9] Schumer, Pelosi meeting with White House on infrastructure


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